About us


A passion for hospitality

Our goal is to support you in the completion of your project with confidence and serenity!

Our team, our history

Behind Five Keys is a team of passionate individuals dedicated to serving their clients. After graduating from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Grégoire Hambourg pursued his professional career in hospitality services for international groups, before creating Five Keys.

The core values of Five Keys are rooted in strong family principles, such as solidarity, loyalty, and respect. With 15 years of shared experience, Grégoire Hambourg and his team are now using their skills for the benefit of their clients.

years of experience

What sets us apart is our ability to integrate the entire value chain, by eliminating middlemen.

Grégoire Hambourg
Founder & CEO

An integrated approach to the value chain

On average, there are 2 to 3 middlemen. Working with us means taking no risk. With a presence spanning over 3 continents, our team is on-site, right there at the factory to manage each order. We have full control over the production chain, allowing us to optimize costs and meet deadlines.



A tailor-made and one stop shop solution

With a team of professionals experienced in hospitality procurement (project management, manufacturing, logistics and installation), we have built a solid reputation as a reliable partner capable of providing one stop shop solutions.

Whether your priority is budget, timeframe, or the eco-friendly nature of your project, we carefully listen to your needs to deliver a customized solution.